Jerry Goldsmith - Love Theme from Chinatown (Chinatown: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

"The score to Chinatown features a highly unorthodox instrumental lineup: one trumpet, four pianos, four harps, two percussionists and a string section. At first glance that looks like the sort of ensemble from which you’d expect to hear a piece of avant-garde classical music, and some parts of the Chinatown score are startlingly modern-sounding. But the film opens with an elegiac yet sensuous trumpet solo that floats freely over a cushion of tolling harps and brooding strings, a “love theme” that evokes the doomed romance of Jack Nicholson and Faye Dunaway, the film’s stars.

Uan Rasey, the celebrated Hollywood studio trumpeter heard on the soundtrack, later told an interviewer that Arthur Morton, Goldsmith’s arranger, ‘told me to play it sexy—but like it’s not good sex!’”

-Terry Teachout, “The Perfect Film Score”, Wall Street Journal (via)