Saul Bass designed title sequence for Walk on the Wild Side (1962, dir. Edward Dmytryk) (via)

Steven Spielberg remembers the “profound impression” made upon him as a 16-yr-old by the titles for Walk on the Wild Side. He recalls, ”I attempted to mimic Mr. Bass, using an 8mm camera and my dog on a leash walking along the narrow retaining wall outside my home in Scottsdale, Arizona. In trying to make my own movie…I made a foul error. I used a dog because we didn’t have a cat.  And as everyone knows, dogs are somewhat less sure-footed than felines. 

My cocker spaniel, Thunder, kept falling off the wall just as he got to the writer credit, did a tremendous pratfall on the producer credit, his legs went out from under him, and I got out of the titles business for good.”

-excerpted from Saul Bass: A Life In Film And Design