Old Hollywood

Nostalgia is a seductive liar - George Wildman Ball

Elmer Bernstein (feat. Vikki Carr) - The Silencers (The Silencers: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Elmer Bernstein - Frankie Machine (via The Man With the Golden Arm: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Performed by Shorty Rogers & His Giants

Bernstein: “I told [The Man With the Golden Arm director] Otto Preminger of my intentions after one quick reading of the shooting script. There is something very American and contemporary about all the characters and their problems. I wanted an element that could speak readily of hysteria and despair, an element that would localise these emotions to our country, to a large city if possible. Ergo, jazz.”

Elmer BernsteinMain Titles (The Magnificent Seven: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) 

Elmer Bernstein End Title (To Kill A Mockingbird: Original Motion Picture Score)

Elmer BernsteinWalk on the Wild Side (Walk on the Wild Side: Music from the Motion Picture)

Elmer Bernstein - Main Title (To Kill A Mockingbird: Original Motion Picture Score)